Gold buying T & C's

Terms & Conditions

  • Grappy$ pays 90% of spot price. Seller understands that as at that minute the gold price is volatile, and can fluctuate wildly, and therefore will be determined when Grappy$ opens the package containing the gold items.
  • Grappy$ will pay the seller the spot price as mentioned in paragraph 1 above, within 48 hours upon acceptance of an offer. Payment will be made within working hours i.e. Between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • The seller may request to be paid in the following ways only. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), PayPal, direct cash deposit or bank Cheque. Please be aware that if a bank cheque is requested, $20 will be deducted from the price of their gold offered.
  • The seller understands that they are responsible for insuring their items whilst in transit to Grappy$. Grappy$ will no longer reimburse for costs associated with insurance.
  • Once monies have changed hands, the seller cannot request a return of the gold
  • Grappy$ will not be held responsible for any loss or damage which may be caused to the seller by sending in their gold through the postal service or other means of transmission.
  • Should Grappy$ not be able to contact the seller either to offer a quotation or to return the gold, Grappy$ will become the owner of the gold after 6 months and donate the proceeds.
  • All information Grappy$ collects will be subject to the privacy act, unless it is required by Law to disclose any information. If this was to occur, Grappy$ would notify the relevant seller to inform them that their information is required to be given by law.
  • After each sale, Grappy$ will provide the seller a remittance outlining all the relevant information of the sale. This can be forwarded to the seller by email or mail.
  • Grappy$ video records EVERY package it opens to determine its contents. If something is found to be missing from the package as previously declared by the seller pursuant to the declaration mentioned in paragraph 14 hereof, Grappy$ will notify the seller accordingly. As soon as the seller notifies Grappy$ of his/her intentions in the matter as result of the alleged missing gold, the matter will proceed to finalisation or the gold will be returned to the seller, at cost to Grappy$ via the postal service
  • Grappy$ in most cases (when dealing with nuggets/alluvial gold) will have to melt the gold by the melting process and as a result thereof, the amount may be slightly less than the weight of the original item sent by the seller. The seller hereby acknowledges that any impurities will lessen the weight of the gold items sent and be reflected in the price paid by Grappy$ accordingly.
  • Should sale not be agreed upon by Grappy$ and the seller, then Grappy$ will return the gold to the seller.
  • The seller must sign the declaration as attached here to and headed “declaration” that they have agreed with all the terms and conditions as set out herein before any binding transactions take place.