Spin & Grin Gold information

Please read carefully before participating in Spin & Grin Gold. 

1. Each participant is required to purchase a number by clicking on the corresponding numbers for the prize they wish to win.

2. The value of each number chosen will be determined by Grappy$, and will be  based on the prize to be won. The price includes postage costs. 

3. A person is permitted to purchase more than 1 number for each prize. Numbers from 1-52.

4. Competition will be open for 1 month from announcement, or when all numbers have been purchased, what ever occurs first.

5. Once the competition has closed all sales are final. 

6. Should all numbers not be purchased within a time frame decided by Grappy$, all monies will be refunded to participants. 

7. If a competition has more than one prize, a participant cannot win more than once. 

8. Winners will be contacted via phone call or facebook.

9. All prizes are final. 

10. Delivery will be arranged with the winner or local pickup from Maryborough, Victoria.

10. The wheel will be spun during a live Facebook feed, day & time will be announced on the Grappys Gold buyers facebook page  

11. If the rubber ticker should get stuck between two numbers and doesn't drop onto a number, the wheel will be spun again. 

12. Most Importantly - HAVE FUN & GOOD LUCK!